mercoledì 24 marzo 2010


In recent years there has been extensive scientific and medical research indicating that the bicycle saddle is causing sexual health problem. The cause of the problem has been isolated to the protruding nose of the saddle.

Health problems in both men and women have been numbness in the groin which leads to sexual problems. In men this can cause erection problems. Many men complain they can get erections but are not able to maintain them for intercourse. In women there is a complaint of loss of sensation in the genital area (clitoris and labia). There are some research studies that suggest damage to the groin may happen while cycling even if there is not a sensation of numbness.

Numbness is a warning medical warning sign and should never be ignored! Some cyclists like Lance Armstrong say numbness in crotch is normal while cycling. Numbness should never be considered normal. Numbness results from restricting blood flow or pinching a nerve.

The easiest solution to this problem has been bicycle saddles without a nose. The Federal Government has even made official recommendations that individuals who ride bikes as part of their job should use no-nose saddles

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